“Dessie has completed over 50 property, business and litigation matters for me over the last 6 years. It is no coincidence that he was a published author of leading legal textbook by the age of 25. He stands out from the crowd.”

Austin Daly – Businessman, Lifford, Co. Donegal


“I have known Dessie for several years and throughout that time I have always found him to act with the utmost integrity; it is always quite evident that the advice which he provides is in the true interest of his clients and is delivered with courtesy and respect.”

Edwin Foley – Chartered Accountant & Business Advisor


“I have known Dessie Shiels for a number of years. I do respect his professional integrity. His company continues to earn our admiration and that of a growing number of the public who are challenged by practices they believe to be incorrect, ill-judged or downright dishonest”

John McAteer РEditor, Tirchonaill Tribune Newspaper