Wills And Probate

It is important to make a will in order to ensure that your assets and affairs are distributed as you wish upon death. For married couples with young children a will is also important to appoint suitable guardians for the children of a couple. Wills can be straightforward or more complicated depending on a person’s particular circumstances.


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It may be necessary to advise on matters such as the differences between Intestate and Testate Law, the different shares that arise in a particular estate or a spouse’s right to a legal right share. We provide practical, guided and quality legal advice in this area.

Where a death occurs, it is necessary to administer the deceased persons estate in order to vest their assets in their successors and it is important to seek legal assistance and advice in administering an estate. We deal with probate (where there is a Will) and administration (where there is no Will) applications in a helpful and efficient manner.

We provide advice on estate planning and the distribution of assets and we keep you up to date every step of the way from the outset to completion.


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We provide advice on making a will

We also provide clear advice you of your rights as a spouse, a child or other beneficiary if you feel a Will is unfair.

It is important to note that the Executors of a Will are free to engage a solicitor of their choice regardless of where the Will itself was made.


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  • Wills and estate planning
  • Administration of estates
  • Contentious probate issues
  • Beneficiary rights in relation to estates and trusts


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